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Interview with Our Owner, Michael Ryan Crichlow

Read “The Bearded Black Cowboy’s” engaging interview with our owner, Michael Ryan Crichlow as they delve into commercial bail and its impact on American taxpayers.

Interview Transcript

Bearded Black Cowboy: Let’s open up the lines real quick.

BBC: Caller, you’re on with “The Bearded Black Cowboy.” Where are you calling from and what’s your name?

BBC: Caller are you there?

Michael R. Crichlow: Hello, is this The Bearded Black Guy?

BBC: This is The Bearded Black Cowboy!

MRC: The Bearded Black Cowboy! My apologies, this is Michael Ryan Crichlow with Michael’s Bail Bond Co from Newport News, Virginia. How are you doing?

BBC: I’m doing well, thanks for calling in from Newport News, Michael. What’s your topic today?

MRC: I heard your interview with Jeff Clayton last week about bail reform. And I reached out to you because of that and I decided to send you an article that I noticed you liked. And it’s [the article] pretty much where everything started for me as far as fighting for commercial bail.

I’ve been in the business 13 years, I’ve made my money and I’ve done well. And commercial bail is a great business to be in. But, what the business needs is a lot of fresh ideas and young folks who are interested to get involved in the business and make sure it will carry on into the future.

But, in my 13th year, like I said: I found the article and the spirit of advocacy [just hit me]. I just got the spirit to fight back against a lot of the things that Mr. Clayton spoke about in your interview last week.

BBC: Ok, well let’s open that up and thanks for sending that article, man. Thanks for reaching out to us on Twitter. This is Michael’s Bail Bonds, right? Let me make sure that America understands: Michael’s Bail Bonds correct?

MRC: Exactly [repeats company name and website].

BBC: Ok, and folks you can find him at [repeats company name and info]. You can find him and follow him on Twitter @MichaelBailBond. He was kind enough to reach out to us on Twitter and we responded back. We appreciate the call-in and I told him “Hey, call in Tuesday anytime between 12 and 2. And he did. He sent me a great article. I was able to read it yesterday about Pretrial, pretrial release and all this stuff. And the numbers were kind of “shaky.” So, maybe you can talk to us real quick about pretrial release, where you’re going, the Jeff Clayton interview that we did and the issues you wanted to bring up. So, go ahead and talk about Pretrial release first.

MRC: Well, the funny thing about the article is that; the article is written in a manner that you would read it and think that the program is a success. But, when you dig deep into the article and really look at it, they screen some maybe 4,900 people and they only put 728 people on pretrial release, between two cities which are Hampton and Newport News. So, when you look at it that’s about one person a day. The problem with that is I can bail one to two, three people a day and I’m just one bail bonding company. And there are many other companies that come behind me and “do bail” as well.

And the really sad thing about Pretrial Services is that, like I said before: This business needs innovation and young people who are willing to get involved. I got in when I was 22 so, [I have witnessed the evolution of commercial bail bonds] every single “bit” of technology that has come out has benefitted commercial bail. So, when you see businesses selling cupcakes out of vans, you see food trucks and you see Uber [remember] commercial bail has [also] benefit from [advancements] in technology. Even [with] credit card processing. Everything has help commercial bail stay ahead of “The Game.”

So, when you see a program like Pretrial Services it’s a little bit infuriating because Pretrial Services is pretty much “old-school bonding.” The city is paying for this office. There’s not a bail bondsman in the City of Newport News that has an office. What I’m saying is that: To bail one person out of jail a day in the City of Newport News when I can bail 3 or 4 out and other bondsmen come behind me and bail more people out; To have that agency there to waste all that government money, to have an office, it’s completely absurd.

BBC: Right! And those are good comments because like you said, Michael: Reading the article and how the article starts you would believe [this] is pretty good until you actually look at the numbers. And you know, folks. People can lie. Everyone can lie but, the numbers are going to tell the truth every time. And like he’s saying: It basically comes out to Pretrial Services releasing maybe one person a day if you actually do the math. And then if you really dig deep down into Pretrial Services, without the responsibility of a bail bondsman, without the responsibility hanging other that person’s head of “You know what, I have to do this.” Phone calls being made, this, that and the other. That person that does not show up after having been released to Pretrial Services, now you have about a “three-fold measure” on top of this person where as they would of just had their bail bondsman helping them walk and work through. And you’re really just setting them up for failure. Michael, would you agree?

MRC: I would agree 100%, exactly.

MRC: Like I said: This program is very wasteful. They are the only pretrial service in the City of Newport News that has an office. There are about 50 of us between Newport News and Hampton. And none of us have an office. And I think the city is spending somewhere around $52, 000 this year [2016]. Back in 2011 it was somewhere around $200,000 a year I believe, that they [the city] were contributing to this program.

MRC: And it’s a little bit infuriating because what we do as commercial bail bondsmen; we don’t cost the taxpayer anything. So, that’s what really ‘”fires me up” about the program and there are a lot of other things as well that you spoke to Jeff about as far as the “race issue.” And even Pretrial Services having people on probation, an “unfair criminal sanction” before they’re [the defendant] even convicted of a crime. They [Pretrial Services] are able to issue warrants and things of that nature. So, I believe that the constitutionality of Pretrial Services needs to come into question.

BBC: Right! Right! I like that!

BBC: Talk to us real quick about…

BBC: Well, you know what, Michael? Can you hang-in? I’m actually past this hard break. I have to run to a “hard break.” Can you hang-in there with me?

MRC: Sure!

BBC: Ok, I got a question about the commercial bail bonds and stuff like that. And then if you like when my producer allows me to actually do a show on this we will do that but, hang-in with me real quick. OK?


BBC: America, you’re listening to The Larry Stevenson Show live! I’m your host, Larry Stevenson “The Bearded Black Cowboy” always talking God, Family and Country! Letting the truth be told regardless of culture, color, community or other! We have to do a real quick turn-around. I’m up against that hard break and we want to make sure Conservative Radio Network has their just-do and I hit these breaks on time. But, you all know we just get into [it] and get talking but, real quick let me run to a hard break and I’ll be right back.

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BBC: Let’s go back to the line. I want to bring back Michael from Michael’s Bail Bonds back on the line. And let me just tell you too, folks you can find this bail bonds company and if you’re out there in Newport News, Virginia or surrounding areas I believe, I’ll let him explain that to you but, you can find him at [repeats company website] Also, you can call him if you want to contact him and especially if you need him 757.952.9666. Michael, are you there?

MRC: Yes, I am.

BBC: All right, man. Hey, thanks for listening in and thanks for hanging in there with us, especially for reaching out to us on social media. Now you can attest, like other folks may wonder if we really get back to people and stuff like that but, you can attest that “yes,” we got back to you immediately.

MRC: Yeah, exactly! You guys are great…

BBC: So, talk to us about commercial bail bonds. You brought that up. I don’t want to give them too much because if and when we have you back on and we do the show about bail bonds I don’t want to give them all the “meat.” You know?

MRC: Ok.

BBC: Just let us know about commercial bail bonds, man.

MRC: Ok, well let me just tell you a little about commercial bail.

MRC: Like I said: I heard your interview with Jeff Clayton. There are some other bondsmen in the industry who feel like Pretrial Services does have [play] an [important] role in the criminal justice system. And when I heard your interview with Jeff Clayton he said, when you asked him specifically, “Do you think that commercial bail [plays an important role] in the criminal justice system, ” he said ” Yeah, I think so.” But, this is thing. This is the difference between me and a lot of folks who are in the business or fighting for it. I love the American Bail Coalition; I think they’re great and I learned a lot from them but, for me commercial bail is this…

MRC: If “Amanda” goes out and she gets drunk at the bar with her friends and she jumps behind the wheel [of a car] and causes all kinds of property damage, she gets pulled over by a police officer, she sees the magistrate [then] the magistrate gives her a bond. OK?

MRC: The reason the magistrate gives her a bond is because the taxpayer shouldn’t have to pay for her to sit in jail. And then secondly; the magistrate gives her a bond because the magistrate [pause]. The taxpayer should not have to pay [for you to be monitored by a pretrial release “program.”] to monitor you, alright? So, that’s where I’m coming from.

BBC: Oh, OK!

MRC: So, the taxpayer should not have to monitor you. The taxpayer should not to pay for you to sit in jail after you’ve caused all kinds of property damage, spent $200 in the bar, got behind the wheel, got drunk and cause all kinds of damage. So, what we do; commercial bail? We provide a service to alleviate the taxpayer from [accruing any further loses] paying any more money; from losing anymore more money.

MRC: So, what they do [our clients] is post their own assets to a commercial bail bonds agency and it cost the taxpayer zero. The person [our client] doesn’t have to show up to any kind of drug screening or anything like that. They just show up to their court date. “Easy.”

MRC: But, that’s what commercial bail is for and I really think that a lot of people who are advocating for the business and people who are even in the business; they’re not looking at [it] that way. And that’s the problem that I’m having a little bit right now. But, at the same time; I’m glad we’re all fighting for [this] commercial bail to stay alive because there are a lot of people in the fight including Dan Barto out of Richmond, Virginia who have really gotten me “fired up” about this issue.

BBC: I love it! I love it!

BBC: Now, Pretrial Services puts the burden, what I’m hearing, puts the burden back on the taxpayer then?

MRC: Exactly, it’s a government-funded program. Back in 2011 it cost Virginia 25 million dollars just to run this program.

BBC: Whoa!

MRC: Yeah, and forgive me if I’m wrong but, I think the numbers are even greater in Washington D.C. because they don’t have commercial bail in Washington D.C. OK?

BBC: Wow!

MRC: So, this is absurd because the taxpayer should not have to pay to have “Amanda” who has destroyed property drunk driving. This is a public safety issue. They [the taxpayer] shouldn’t have to fund that program for her to be monitored. The taxpayer is already losing money to have to repair their property. And then the taxpayer should not have to pay for Amanda to sit in jail.

MRC: So, what the magistrates and the courts have decided a long time ago…

MRC: Our four fathers were smart like you said, “This is the reason why commercial bail exists.” They already knew this. But, Pretrial has ‘wormed” their way into the criminal justice system and spread a bunch of lies about poor people being [taken advantage of by the commercial bail bonds industry] it’s absurd. And my focus from now on is to “shine light” on and “bring the truth” to what is really going on in the criminal justice system.

BBC: I love it. And you know what? I hear you. I hear your heart. I hear your passion. I hear your career coming out and your call coming out. And you’re really concerned about the taxpayer which you should because It’s a two-fold measure; The taxpayer and it’s your business so, with that I’m going to give you the show “Stamp of Approval.”

[Round of applause]

BBC: I’m going to check with Trace. You may get some communications from Trace my producer, alright?


BBC: Let’s see if we do a show or if we just have you on, we slot you a time, have you on and maybe some other folks connected and we talk about this. But, you peaked the interest of the beard, man. So, let’s see if we can do that, alright? Let’s stay connected, OK?

MRC: Thank you so much. We will.

BBC: Alright. Thank you so much, Michael.

MRC: Take care.

BBC: Folks again that was Michael from Michael’s Bail Bonds in Newport News, Virginia. You can find him at [web address] and if you need to reach out to him 757.952.9666

BBC: Check him out, man, and its great information! We love to hear from “good down home Americans” that are just out there wanting to do the right thing by America and you; the taxpayer, right? Or us, should we say as the taxpayer. And you heard it out of his mouth: Taxpayers should not have to be faced with this burden. If “Amanda” goes out, creates…

BBC: Drinks $200 worth of booze at the bar goes out and causes all kinds of property damage the burden should be hers and the responsibility should be hers. It shouldn’t be you as the American citizen having to “babysit” financially yet again someone that has made a poor, irrational, immoral decision. DANGEROUS!

BBC: This is public safety, folks. This has all of the stuff we need to be morally, biblically correct on. We’re going to check with our producer to see when we can have him back on and if we’re going to run an entire show entitled that but, that’s some good stuff. So, we appreciate him calling in.

Again, today’s topic title is “Breaking News & Intelligent Talk,” folks – God, Family and Country. And you know we’re hitting them, all three. Red Nation Rising!

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